2nd class

Truth and love conquer hate This short, written, directed and featuring Swedish filmmaker, Jimmy Olsson, leads to and focuses on this message. I wanted to put it up front as for a short film, the message comes through powerfully and strong. Both literally and figuratively. 2nd class succinctly (an important criteria for shorts I guess!) […]

Modern Times (1936)

Aside from all the obvious, the words Charlie Chaplin remind me of two things. The first being an anecdote my mum tells from my childhood where I was playing a game with my parents where we had to give the initials of a famous person and the others had to guess who it was. T.T. […]


I hate using the phone. Detest it. I know I should be joining in with the… ooh isn’t it awful how nobody talks to each other anymore thanks to technology… brigade. But I don’t think it is awful. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to converse digitally and in person but telephones are the […]

Videoman (18) – worth a rewind?

In short, yes. Shown at HOME Mcr, UK, last month, as part of the FilmFear season, Swedish film Videoman (Videomannen) is one of those films where it’s difficult to explain what it’s about. I mean, I suppose it’s relatively easy but not in a way that really makes much sense when trying to convey to someone its […]

HOME is where FilmFear is…

The third annual horror fest returns to Manchester, UK’s HOME this week – in association with Film4. From 26 – 31 October, residents, visitors and all round horror fanatics can enjoy 6 days of cult films, extreme cinema and an all round fright fest on the big screen. With a mix of new and classic, […]